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[1] The Geometry from the Compactification with the Hurwitz Plan. PDF Feedback NEW !! ()

[2] On Partial-Positivity and Strained Frobenius Crystals. PDF

[three] Correspondences on Hyperbolic Shapes. Document Remarks NEW !! ()

[4] Stretching out Groups of Figure above Firewood Regular Plans. Pdf file

[5] Noncritical Belyi Roadmaps. Pdf file Feedback NEW !! ()

[6] Maths Elliptic Curves in General Position. Pdf file NEW !! (Feedback NEW !! ()

[1] The Innate Hodge Theory of g-adic Hyperbolic Curves (ICM 98). E-book

[2] The innate Hodge principle of hyperbolic shapes (Seoul 2019). Pdf file

[three or more] The innate Hodge idea of g-adic hyperbolic figure (NaraЃ-2019). Document

[1] A Theory of Normal p-adic Figure. PDF Feedback NEW !! ()

[2] http://bdiinc.com.ph/when-i-do-my-homework/ Footings of g-adic Teichmuller Idea. Comments NEW !! ()

[several] Introducing s-adic Teichmuller Concept. Document

Anabelian Geometry, the Geometry of Types

[1] The Profinite Grothendieck Conjecture for Shut Hyperbolic CurvesЃ-more than Quantity Fields. Pdf file Feedback NEW !! ()

[2] A Sort of the Grothendieck Supposition for s-adic LocalЃ@Areas. Pdf file

[three] The Local Expert-p Anabelian Geometry of Figure. E-book Feedback NEW !! ()

[4] The Grothendieck rumours about the essential categories of algebraic figure. E-book

[5] The Complete Anabelian Geometry of Hyperbolic Figure. E-book Feedback NEW!! ()

[6] The Complete Anabelian Geometry of Canonical Figure. Document Comments NEW !! ()

[7] Topics Regarding the Anabelian Geometry of Hyperbolic Shapes. PDF

[8] The Geometry of Anabelio >NEW !! ()

[9] Categorical manifestation of in the area noetherian log schemes. E-book Responses NEW !! ()

[10] Kinds of log techniques with archimedean houses. E-book Document (LaTeX Edition) Comments NEW !! ()

[11] Partially-chart of Anabelio >NEW !! ()

[12] Galois Parts in Absolute Anabelian Geometry. Document Remarks NEW !! ()

[13] A Combinatorial Form of the Grothendieck Supposition. Document NEW !! (Feedback NEW !! ()

[14] Conformal and Quasiconformal Specific Rendering ofЃ@Hyperbolic Riemann Surfaces. Pdf file NEW !!
Ѓ-ЃAtЃAt(Feedback NEW !! ()

[15] Complete Anabelian Edge >NEW !!
Ѓ@Ѓ-Ѓ@(Feedback NEW !! ()

[16] The Geometry of Frobenio >NEW !! (Responses NEW !! ()

[17] The Geometry of Frobenio >NEW !! (Responses NEW !! ()

[18] World-wide Solvably Shut Anabelian Geometry. Document Pdf file (Rubber Variation) NEW !! ()

[19] The Etale Theta Operate and it is Frobenio >NEW !! (Feedback NEW !!
ЃAtЃ@ЃAt(Related expositions NEW!! (Responses to Questions about Frobenioids (cf., specifically,
Ѓ-ЃAtЃ-Queries three or more, 8, 23, all day and) NEW!! ()

[20] The Algebraic and Anabelian Geometry of Configuration Areas. Document Remarks NEW !! ()
ЃAtЃAtЃ-Remarks on firmly torsion-totally free organizations NEW !! ()

[21] Matters in Absolute Anabelian Geometry I: Generalities. E-book NEW !! (Responses NEW !! ()

[22] Topics in Absolute Anabelian Geometry The second: Breaking down Organizations and Endomorphisms. Document NEW !! ()
ЃAtЃ@Ѓ-Responses NEW !! ()

[23] Topics in Absolute Anabelian Geometry 3: International Recouvrement Sets of rules. Pdf file NEW !! (Feedback NEW !!

[24] Around the Combinatorial Edge >NEW !! ()

[25] For the Combinatorial Anabelian Geometry of Nodally Nondegenerate External Representations. Pdf file NEW !! ()
Ѓ@Ѓ-ЃAt Comments NEW !! ()

[26] Topics All around the Combinatorial Anabelian Geometry of Hyperbolic Shape I: Inertia Organizations and
ЃAtЃ@Ѓ-Profinite Dehn Great ideas. E-book NEW !! (Feedback NEW !! ()

[27] Topics Regarding the Combinatorial Anabelian Geometry of Hyperbolic Curves Two: Tripods and
ЃAtЃAtЃ@Combinatorial Cusp. NEW !! ()

[28] Topics Around the Combinatorial Anabelian Geometry of Hyperbolic Shape III: Tripods and
Ѓ@ЃAtЃAtTempered Basic Teams. PDF NEW !! ()

[29] Matters Surrounding the Combinatorial Anabelian Geometry of Hyperbolic Figure 4: Discreteness and
ЃAtЃ@Ѓ-Sections. PDF NEW !! ()

[30] Monomorphisms in Categories of Record Strategies. Document NEW !! ()

[31] Party-theoreticity of precise invariants and famous subgroups of configuration area organizations. PDF
Ѓ@Ѓ-ЃAt NEW !! ()

The Hodge-Arakelov Principle of Elliptic Figure

[1] The Hodge-Arakelov Idea of Elliptic Shape: GlobalЃAtDiscretization of Nearby Hodge Hypotheses. E-book

[2] The System-Theoretic Theta Convolution. E-book

[several] Connections and Connected Integral Buildings about the Widespread Extension of the Elliptic Contour. E-book

[4] The Galois-Theoretic Kodaira-Spencer Morphism of your Elliptic Blackberry curve. PDF

[5] The Hodge-Arakelov Concept of Elliptic Figure in Positive Attribute. PDF

[6] A Study from the Hodge-Arakelov Theory of Elliptic Figure I. Document Responses NEW !! ()

[7] Market Research in the Hodge-Arakelov Principle of Elliptic Curves II. E-book Responses NEW !! ()

[8] Anabelian Geometry from the Hodge-Arakelov Concept of Elliptic Curves. PDF

[1] Dis-widespread Teichmuller Idea I: Construction of Hodge Concert halls. PDF NEW !! ()

[2] Inter-general Teichmuller Principle II: Hodge-Arakelov-theoretic Assessment. PDF NEW !! ()

[three] Dis-widespread Teichmuller Idea III: Canonical Splittings from the Sign-theta-lattice. E-book NEW !! ()

[4] Dis-common Teichmuller Idea Intravenous: Record-size Information as well as set-theoretic Fundamentals. Document
Ѓ-Ѓ- NEW !! ()

[5] A Panoramic Overview of Inter-widespread Teichmuller Principle. Pdf file NEW !! (Remarks NEW !! ()

[6] Bogomolov’s Proof of the Geometrical Sort of the Szpiro Rumours from the stage that Check out
Ѓ-ЃAtInter-widespread Teichmuller Principle. Pdf file NEW !! ()

[7] The Mathematics of Along Nonresident Illegal copies: from Gaussian Integrals to Dis-common Teichmuller Idea. Document
Ѓ-ЃAt NEW !! ()

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